About US

Our story

Velocity Hucking Systems all started after returning home from my trip to Europe riding bikes in the summer of 2019. After building my bike back up after a long European summer I couldn't help but notice my home made chain slapper had all but fallen apart. The idea of buying and making up yet another expensive and time consuming chain damper was something I put off until the idea struck me to just create my own solution. From there it just really came into its own! Originally just an idea between myself and my local bike shop soon became the company VHS.
I knew that I wanted to create a product that would last the rider a long time without spending a small fortune, be as locally made as possible and be genuinely effective.
Fast forward to the 1st of April 2020, in the very beginnings of the Covid-19 Lockdown I launched my idea to the world.


Since Our launch I have been working around the clock to create updates, new and exciting ideas that you don't currently have in the industry that I want to see on my bikes. Although at launch all of My product was 100% made and manufactured here in NZ, and i wish to continue this it became too hard with the growing demand to continue, not because of money but solely because of the lack of infrastructure here to complete my product / products.
That being said, anything and everything i can make in NZ will be made in NZ, as locally and as ethically as possible. End of the day I care more about riding bikes and the environment in which we all do so making as much money as possible is far from our goal.


We plan to donate a percentage of profits to an organisation as soon as we are in a position to do so, we have not yet decided who but if you know of a good cause feel free to send us an email at info@vhsmtb.com to help us decide.