VHS Tape
Installation Guide

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Step 1

Remove existing chain protection device to ensure a good installation.

Step 2

Clean with a solvent and allow to dry.

Step 3

Test the length of VHS, and trim to size if required.

Step 4

Peel backing tape, and apply even firm pressure while wrapping the VHS to your bike.

Step 5

Leave the part to set for half an hour before riding, or 6 hours if there are wet weather conditions.

Step 6

Offcuts can be great for use in other small areas.


- Remove your existing chainstay protection. This includes frame protection products.* 

- Give the chainstay a really good clean to remove any grunge or old adhesive. Finish it off with some isopropyl alcohol to get things squeaky clean. Avoid using household cleaners as they often contain silicone which will prevent the adhesive from sticking properly.

- Test the length of VHS and trim to size if required

- Peel the backing tape and apply even, firm pressure while attaching the VHS tape to the bike.

- Leave it to set for at least 30 mins before riding, and up to 6 hrs if you'll be heading out into wet conditions.

- Offcuts can be great for use in other small areas

NOTE: Please make sure to follow instructions carefully, there will be no slapper tape refunds or returns given outside of manufacture  defect.
Will will not replace tape that has been damaged due to rider foot rub or poor installation, this product is a disposable tape but will last if correctly applied.
Don't forget you can always ask your local bike shop to help you if you are not confident installing the product.