4 ways on how to silence your bike

Make your bike quiet

Here at VHS we are all about having quiet bike, there is nothing worse than finally getting out on your bike to only be distracted from the trail ahead by all the annoying slaps and creaks your bike is making, riding is meant to be a good way to relief stress not add more. here are 4 ways to get your bike quiet. 


1. Maintenance 

Make your bike quiet

It may seem obvious but making sure that your bike is in good working order is vital if you want a quiet bike, that and your bike will love you for it. 
We recommend regular services from your local bike shop, but some things you can can look out for are: 

Loose/Dirty Headset - A loose head set and cause a creaky / clicking noise enough to send anyone mad, If you feel any play around your stem/fork area, or hear any noise, your headset is likely loose. dirty - Make sure when servicing to Clean and dry everything (bearings, cups, and fork steerer), apply a thin film of grease to the exterior of the bearings and cups, and reassemble.

Other -  If you are still experiencing unwanted creaks coming from your bike then make sure to check things like bearings, cockpit setup for dirt especially in dry conditions, your seat clamps for dirty or dry bolts, a dry bottom bracket and pedal bearings and if your drivetrain is dry or misaligned. 

Keeping on top of these things with a regular service will make a world of difference. 

2. Cable Management 

Make your bike quiet with cable management


Cockpit - Having good cable management Is vital to you getting a quiet bike. 
small tricks such as heat shrinking cables together to stop them slapping together is a proven method but can be tricky to do without all the required tools. A much faster trick is using electrical tape, this may not look as nice but will do the job in half the time and still be just as effective. 
Frame - making sure that your cables aren't rattling around on or in your bike can make a world of difference, Jagwire components have you completely covered in this department from internal/external cable damping tube. (EPDM Tube)

For example professional riders like sam hill will ad small amounts of this to the gear cable as it meet the derailleur.

Make your bike quiet


3. Chain Slap

Ah, the all annoying chain slap! some bikes are defiantly worse than others for this but is a common issue across the board. Chain slap will most likely be the loudest part of anyone's bike, even brand new ones! Chances are if you're reading this you are already aware of VHS slapper tape / protection. VHS slapper tape is specifically designed to eliminate chain slap noise above all else without compromising the aesthetics of your bikes. The small bumps we call 'chocolate lumps' are super soft and long lasting, requires no special tools or part to install and wont need any maintenance. 

vhs Slapper tape


vhs slapper tape


4. Drivetrain 

Another big contributor to the sound coming from your bike is your drive train, many different factors can come into play but lets assume that its a well maintained drivetrain. if you consider yourself a park rat and aren't to bothered about racing then you may find the SB One single speed tensioners to be what you are looking for.
Here at VHS we highly recommend the TRP derailleur, for years we have been dealing with that all annoying b tension slap/rattle, until now. TRP have fixed this with there Hall-Lock and ow boy does it work! combined with its adjustable ratchet clutch this thing has to currently be the quietest derailleur on the market. 

Make your bike quiet